Construction and Renovation Services in the HRM and Beyond

At GNS Renovations, we handle construction and renovation projects in the HRM and beyond, from beginning to end. We can also lend a helping hand when it comes to design and renovations by providing, among other things, helpful tips, tricks and recommendations.

We also provide customized house plan designs, along with our drafting services, and excavation services, including:

  • Drainage

  • Landscaping

  • Lot grading

As certified NUDURA ICF installers, we can offer guaranteed and quality insulated concrete form products and services. Call us to schedule a consultation!

Construction and Renovation Tools and Equipment Rental in the HRM

Looking to take on your renovation and landscaping projects on your own? GNS Renovations has got you covered. We rent out a whole variety of construction and renovation tools and equipment at great rates.


Most tools can be rented up to for 4 hours at 3/4 of the daily rate. Please note that all tools must be returned clean or a cleaning fee will be charged.


1000 watt generator, $30 per day
3000 watt generator, $40 per day
Shoring posts, $4 per day
Fish tape, $10 per day
Tiger torch, $15 per day
Tow behind aerator, $25 per day
Fertilizer spreader, $15 per day
Rotary laser level, $60 per day
Bolt cutters, $6 per day
Rebar bender/cutter, $25 per day
Grass trimmer, $20 per day
Clearing saw, $80 per day
Pressure washer gas, $45 per day
Hydraulic jack, $5 per day
Dolly, $10 per day
Hydraulic post hole digger, $110 per day
2” Gas pump, $45 per day
2” Electric pump, $40 per day
3” Gas pump, $60 per day
Rear-tine tiller, $60 per day
Gas-powered rake, $80 per day
Floor Fans, $30 per day
Kubota BX25/W/Backhoe, $175 per day
Forks for BX 25, $40 per day


32 ft. extension ladder, $30 per day
24 ft. extension ladder, $25 per day
8 ft. step ladder, $15 per day
6 ft. step ladder, $15 per day
4 ft. step ladder, $12 per day
Step extension ladder, $12 per day
12 ft. step ladder, $25 per day


10 ft. and 7 ft. sections, $5 per day
$15 per week
10 ft. and 7 ft. decks, $5 per day,
$15 per week
24” levelling legs (set of 4), $5 per day,
$15 per week
8” casters (set of 4), $5 per day,
$15 per week
Large baker staging, $15 per day,
$45 per week
Roof brackets, $1 per day, $3 per week

Concrete Equipment

Small hammer drill, $20 per day
SDS hammer drill, $35 per day
Large hammer drill, $45 per day
Hilti breaker, $70 per day
Hilti ramset, $45 per day
Gas-powered chop saw, $50 per day
Vibrator (10 ft.), $60 per day
Hand floats and trowels, $5 per day


Hardwood floor nailer air, $30 per day
Engineered flooring stapler, $30 per day
Subfloor coil nailer, $35 per day
Wet tile saw, $60 per day
Tile rotary cuter, $15 per day
Tile grinder, $15 per day
Manual tile scoring cutter, $30 per day

Electric Power Tools

Drywall screw gun, $20 per day
12” compound miter saw, $45 per day
12” sliding compound saw, $50 per day
Reciprocating saw, $20 per day
Jig saw, $15 per day
Circular saw 7 1/4, $15 per day
Portable table saw, $45 per day
4 1/2 grinder, $10 per day
Orbital sanders, $10 per day
Belt sander, $20 per day
Electric planer, $25 per day


10 ft. siding break, $70 per day

Air Tools

Framing nailers, $30 per day
Sheathing stapler, $30 per day
16 gauge finish nailer, $25 per day
18 gauge finish nailer, $25 per day
Micro piner, $25 per day
Roofing coil nailer, $30 per day
In floor pipe stapler, $35 per day
Compressor electric, $45 per day
Compressor gas, $55 per day


4800 watt electric 240 volts, $8 per day
Propane heater, $25 per day
Small propane heater, $15 per day


1/2” crimp tool, $15 per day
3/4” crimp tool, $15 per day
Pex pipe cutter, $4 per day
Copper pipe cutter, $4 per day
Plumbing snake power, $50 per day
Manual plumbing snake, $25 per day


20” plate compactor, $55 per day

Attention to Detail

What separates the average and the extraordinary is the attention to detail; this is what we pride ourselves on.

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